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We at Healing 4 Wellness strive to provide natural health care services, products and workshops to communities to help them to live a healthier life in body mind and Spirit. We believe in providing quality natural products at reasonable prices.
The testimonials from people who have used our products testify to the quality and benefits of our products.

In our daily life we use many products that have toxins, artificial scents and chemicals in them that are causing significant health problems to people, such as cancer, allergies, migraines etc. Why do we need to use these products when we can avoid them? Our natural therapeutic products do not have chemicals, artificial fragrance, our products help to heal the body without side effects and provide meaning to beauty and healthy life.

We at Healing 4 Wellness also provide services that relax,refresh,rejuvenate and help to heal the body, mind, and spirit. Our services include Aromatherapy using essential oils, Reiki, Reflexology, magnified healing, Chakra balancing and Etheric body cleaning.

We also provide workshops on reiki for people to understand and apply the principles of reiki to their daily life to improve and heal the body mind and spirit.

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​In the fall of 2011 I was given a stage 3 breast cancer diagnosis and someone gave me a bottle of Aromatherapy Therapeutic Body Lotion. Before using these lotions, chemotherapy had caused my skin to become dry, brittle and flaky, my nails had become brittle, dry and broke easily. After consistently using these absolutely wonderful products my skin returned to its normal young, soft and smooth look and feel while still undergoing chemotherapy.  I highly recommend these lotions for anyone having extra dry skin; especially those being treated for cancer.

 - Alicia R. Hill - USA

I have an eleven year old daughter who has suffered from the reoccurring flare-ups of eczema, at her elbow and wrist joints and behind her knees from birth. We have tried everything medicinal, and herbal with little or no positive results. Not long ago my daughter experienced another flare up, I tried the foot balm on her and it worked! Within days the itching stopped and the areas began to look much better. The patches are healing and the skin, in the areas I mentioned are looking more normal.

- Barbara Philbert-Allen

Client Testimonials

Shanthi Ravi Shankar wasn't always an energy healer. Although she grew up surrounded by spiritual people, Shanthi’s original talent was for math and computers.  But when her sister was born with cataracts in both eyes, it affected Shanthi’s whole family deeply. At six months old, Shanthi’s sister underwent two surgeries to restore her vision. The first was unsuccessful. The second restored partial vision. But she began suffering from terrible headaches.

Over the years, Shanthi watched as her parents tried many different approaches to help her sister regain vision. But nothing seemed to work – until a medical doctor, who was also Reiki energy healer, came to Sri Lanka.  The Reiki master’s energy work helped Shanthi's sister see her situation in a new way. For the first time, she accepted her difference. And she began to develop a new sense of confidence -- she wasn’t a victim, she wasn’t handicapped. Instead she could do anything.

 This was a turning point for Shanthi and her sister. Because of the energy work, Shanthi’s sister went on to earn a Master’s degree in philosophy and religion. And looking back, her sister now credits her limited vision for causing her to live an extraordinary life. In her words: “A lot of people said they don’t truly live their life – I am. And I never would have tried to do half of those things if my vision was perfect!” Watching her sister’s transformation and healing, Shanthi sensed there was something both subtle and powerful that Reiki and energy work could do. She began studying Reiki and became a Reiki Master in 2000.

At the time, Shanthi was a technology trainer whose professional focus was on computers and training other people how to use new technology to improve productivity. So studying energy healing was an interesting choice. But Shanti saw the difference it could make first hand. And she felt called.  So in 2006, Shanthi became a Certified Natural Health Practitioner, Registered Aromatherapy Health Therapist and Certified Reflexology Health Therapist by the Canadian Examination Board of Health Care Practitioners and Toronto licensed holistic practitioner, honing her skills as an energy healer by practicing on herself and her own family. In 2007, Shanthi opened an office, and began seeing clients.

 Today Shanthi is a registered teacher and Reiki master, certified by the Canadian Reiki association since 2004. She is known for her popular aromatherapy products and for helping her clients heal and live fulfilling lives. Shanthi has a passion for helping people know and understand the connection between their feelings, thoughts and energy… and their physical bodies. Through hands-on and energetic healing,  Shanthi helps her clients shift the way they experience and relate to both illness and roadblocks…so they create an opening for new possibilities in their lives.

Shanthi is the Toronto Hydro 2013 Entrepreneur Award winner and Toronto Hospice complementary therapy volunteer.