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Simple and effective healing methods to release your past and create a fresh outloo


Meet Shanthi 

Shanthi is a Licensed Holistic Practitioner,  Registered Aromatherapy Health Therapist, Reflexologist Health Therapist, and Certified Natural Health Practitioner. Shanthi has a passion for helping people know and understand their connection between their feelings, thoughts, energies and their physical bodies. Through hands-on and energetic healing, Shanthi helps her clients’ shift the way they experience and relate to both illness and roadblocks…so they can create an opening for new possibilities in their lives. 

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​Our specialized, natural products will leave you feeling  incredible. From our Foot Balms to our facial serums you will find everything to suit your needs. 

We at Healing 4 Wellness strive to provide natural health care services, products and workshops to communities to help them to live a healthier life in body mind and spirit. We believe in providing quality natural products at reasonable prices. 

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I received treatments from Shanthi when I was going through a difficult time with my business, my business partners, and my regular job.  Shanthi's treatment and use of candle work has helped to resolve those issues and I am now at  peace.  All of my troubles have seemed to melt away.  I was in a dark space and nothing was working.  I can't describe how light I feel.  Please try treatments from Shanthi.  Also, her products are amazing. You only have to apply the lip balm once and its moisturizing effects will last for the whole day.  I get complements all of the time from the lotions I use.  You owe it to yourself to try a treatment in addition to her products.

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I have an eleven year old daughter who has suffered from the reoccurring flare-ups of eczema, at her elbow and wrist joints and behind her knees from birth. We have tried everything medicinal, and herbal with little or no positive results. Not long ago my daughter experienced another flare up, I tried the foot balm on her and it worked! Within days the itching stopped and the areas began to look much better. The patches are healing and the skin, in the areas I mentioned are looking more normal.
- Barbara Philbert-Allen

Heal your body & mind, any kind of physical or emotional pain, overcome an addiction, attract abundance – whatever it is you would like to manifest, you are the powerful healer in your life, suspend all doubt and begin your healing journey with me for a powerful 30min or 1hour session.

What to expect:

Find yourself feeling lighter, pain free, clearer, more centered and focused, and you’ll also begin to see manifesting in your world what you concentrate on during this session.

 Treatments and Workshops

We will teach you treatments and you are able to participate in workshops to use on yourself and loved ones. All of these treatments and workshops are lead personally by Shanthi. 

Custom Coaching

I do custom coaching to connect with your authentic self and what really matters to you.

 One full month of support

How this works:
We will meet in person or through Skype twice a week to do the deep clearing energy session including clearing blocks and limitations that were passed down to you by your ancestors through your DNA.

You can open your power within you for your ideal life

What to expect:
You will feel a greater sense of purpose, fulfillment and inner peace and you will begin to uncover your hidden gifts and talents. You will notice that life becomes joyful and lively. You can see your power within you supporting your ideal life.


Our Treatments

I truly appreciate you. I feel totally relaxed and at peace after every treatment. 

- Elizabeth