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Healing for Wellness package

Emotional and energetic support for women with chronic, serious or terminal illness. Experience emotional and energetic healing. This package is for women with a diagnosis who are starting, in the middle of, or just finishing medical treatment. Work with Shanti to heal your emotional energy, opening your body to a positive shift. Release strong emotions. Find peace, acceptance, and love. Shift your relationship to your illness, your loved ones, or your situation on a subtle level. This package includes weekly sessions with Shanthi in her Toronto office. Includes Shanthi’s essential oil lotions, which offer comfort, soothing and moisturization (especially helpful if you are undergoing chemotherapy). Over the course of your package, Shanthi will regularly consult with you and your family, adjusting her approach and watching how you respond to energy work, in order to smooth out the ups and downs of your medical treatments and healing journey.

Energy Clearing package for people who feel stuck and are ready for a breakthrough in an area of their lives that matters. Are you physically healthy, but feel trapped, stuck or blocked? Maybe it’s a personal relationship, a business project you can’t seem to get started on, or a nagging feeling of doubt or worry.
In this four-week package, you will finally face the challenge that has kept you running in place. Shanthi will help you to define your goal, uncover what’s in your way, and clear the underlying energetic block, so you can move on and reach your goals. This program includes four consultations with Shanthi, either in her office or over the phone or Skype. It also includes her custom-prepared essential oils to support your specific breakthrough.

 Healing for Wellness—Virtual package

For people outside of the Toronto area who are dealing with physical or mental illness, or addiction. Are you or a family member facing illness--physical or mental-- but you don’t live in the Toronto area? Shanthi can help you, too. As in the Healing for Wellness package Shanthi will guide you through the release of emotional, mental, and energetic burdens associated with your illness, allowing for a stronger positive shift. Sessions are conducted by phone or Skype, so there is no need to travel. You will learn to face the challenges and realities of your medical treatment with a calm and peaceful mind.

 Shanthi also offers a 7-day chakra healing package to clear common energetic and emotional issues related to the chakras like depression, arthritis, or chronic back problems. In this intensive package, you will meet with Shanthi every day for 7 days to clear a different chakra each day, starting with the root chakra and ending at the crown. If you would like someone with a guiding, grounding presence to support you through your illness (or create a breakthrough), call (416) 705-8701 to set up a complimentary, confidential consult.

 Go to http://healing4wellness.mysimplestore.com/ to buy these packages! 


Healing 4 Wellness

Energy Healing Workshop

​Simple and effective healing methods to release your past and create a fresh outlook

Are you curious about energy healing – and want to know how to do it for yourself and with loved ones? Just like dusting and sweeping your house, from time to time we need to clean out old emotions and energies from our hearts. Feelings like fear, anger, guilt, and shame can lead to relationship issues and negative patterns… but few of us ever learned how to let them go, simply and in a healthy way, when we were younger. The good news is, it’s never too late to learn.

In this workshop you’ll discover:

 How to release trapped negative emotions so you can attract good energy, opportunities and helpful people

 How to energetically cleanse your working space and home to keep problems and conflict at bay

 How to clear and balance your chakras for faster and greater ability to heal your physical, emotional, and mental issues

 How to lessen the intensity of physical and emotional pain through healing meditations.

Do you feel out of sorts but can’t put your finger on why? These energetic techniques will work beyond the physical to help heal the emotional, to bring forth positive refreshing results.

Interested in a workshop? Call (416) 705-8701 to find out about upcoming dates and to register.

Workshops - We also provide workshops on reiki for people to understand and apply the principles of reiki to their daily life to improve and heal body, mind and spirit. Reiki helps to cure all types of mental, emotional and physical diseases. Reiki is a laying on of hands healing technique. It is a very simple yet powerful technique that can be easily learned by anyone. Reiki can be learned in a course of two day workshop.

The 5 Elements Workshop

Learn to harness 5 element energy to create a more satisfying and bountiful life Do you want to create health, harmony and abundance in your home? We are in contact with the four elements every day, from the earth we stand on to the air we breathe. And with a little understanding of the power of these elements, you can direct them to help you and your household attract money, strengthen friendships, and heal common physical issues.

  • In this workshop you will learn:

  • What the energy of each element represents and how it impacts daily life in your household

  • How to bring yourself in tune with the cycle of the moon to let go of what no longer serves you and call in positive emotions, opportunities, and experiences

  • How to uncover and release old beliefs and habits that are no longer helpful, so you can make room for more of what you desire.

The practices and rituals you will learn in this workshop are not only effective, they are fun! Shanthi will teach you how to brew up a money-attracting batch of  potpourri, create a house protection jar to keep bad energy at bay, and more. http://healing4wellness.mysimplestore.com/products/the-5-element-workshop